Halite Bow
Halite Bow 150px
Type Ranged Weapon (Bow)
Damage Output 20 (Heart x10)
Consumes Grid Fury Arrow
Durability Infinite
Speed 2
Special Fires 2X Speed
Stackable No (1)
Added Version 1.0
The Halite Bow is the boss drop obtained from the slaying of the Twilight Demon, and uses Fury Arrows as ammunition. At first glance, it appears to deal relatively low damage for a weapon of its caliber, which makes it seem like an unexceptional weapon, when compared to the Halite Phaser. However, one must remember that Bows have a Drawback feature, as well as Power enchantments, which can greatly increase the power of the Halite Bow.  At minimum power, a standard Halite Bow deals only 7 Ranged Damage. However, at maximum power, it can deal 60 Ranged Damage.

Combat Application and Uses

At 60 Ranged Damage, the Halite Bow is the strongest ranged weapon in its class. In addition, it's drawback time has improved greatly from its predecessor (Augite Bow), making it a decent weapon to use for close combat, as well as other situations that require quick responses. An example of this would be the bosses Dex & Zichile, which are extremely difficult to defeat without a strong and fast ranged weapon. However, It is still more useful as a "sniping" weapon, such that the player can take out enemies at range without taking any damage at all. This use if made more effective If enchanted with an Infinity enchantment, so that the player does not have to stack up on arrows. 

If this weapon is enchanted with a Power V enchantment, it becomes an extremely powerful weapon, capable of dealing 70 Ranged Damage per shot, which deals almost double the damage of a Dravite Blade


  • Strangely, this bow is not affected by the multiplier effect of Power Enchantments; instead it appears to be nerfed. Should it obey those rules, a Power V Halite Bow would deal 150 Ranged Damage per shot, which is almost twice as powerful compared to an Augite Blade.
  • The bow is listed as doing 20 Ranged Damage if the player is using mods such as NEI. This is untrue, as this number is actually used as a comparison point to calculate the varying damage outputs depending on the different drawback lengths.