Halite Armor
Halite Armor Full Size
Type Armor
Protection 83% Damage Reduction
Durability Infinite
Special +16 Melee Damage
Added Version 1.0

Halite Armor is the Armor Set obtained as the mob drops from the bosses Densos & Reyvor and Dex & Zichile. It is arguably the best set of armor in the game, having a total damage reduction of 83% and infinite durability. A full set of Halite Armor will increase the player's damage output significantly.

Full Set Bonus

If the player wears a full set of Halite Armor, he/she will receive:

  • +16 Melee Damage

This means that the player will receive a Strength IV potion effect. This enables the player to kill almost any vanilla mob in one hit with their bare fists when they are wearing this armor, barring Endermen, Iron Golems, the Wither, or the Enderdragon.


  • Each piece of Halite Armor grants the player with 20.75% damage reduction.
  • Strangely enough, Halite Armor can be repaired with Augite Gems.
  • An interesting glitch with this armor (this applies to all of the "infinite" use armors) is that if you use an enchanted book to give the boots the Thorns enchantment, when you get hit it will gain a durability bar and lose durability - when it has durability is is read as having 2600 uses
  • Prior to the 1.2.4 Divine RPG update, Halite Armor could be crafted with Halite Stones.
  • At 28% damage reduction, the Tormented Chestpiece has a higher damage reduction than the Halite Chestpiece. However, overall the Halite Armor still has a higher total damage reduction.

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