General's Staff
General's Staff Full Size
Type Weapons
Weapon Type Arcanic
Damage Output 18 (Heartx9)
Durability Infinite
Renewable No
Stackable No
Arcana Consumption 20

The General's Staff is a ranged Arcanic weapon found in the Dungeon of Arcana. It is sold to the player by the War General.

It fires a projectile that splits into five separate projectiles when it collides with a block or an entity. Four of these projectiles travel parallel to the x-axis and the z-axis (two for each axis), and the fifth one travels upwards from the impact location.


The General's Staff can be obtained by trading with the War General for 18 Arcanium.


The General's Staff is a recommended weapon. It does relatively high damage. Each use only costs 20 Arcana, which is relatively low when compared to weapons like Merik's Missile.

Because the General's Staff projectile splits up upon impact, it is a good idea to use this weapon when fighting off crowds of mobs. The projectile will split and then hit several mobs at once.

General's Staff projectiles can damage the player. This can be especially dangerous in dimensions where the Void is exposed, such as Apalachia. It is important to know where the split projectiles travel in order to avoid being hit by them.


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