Frostclaw Cannon
ILiTH Frostclaw Cannon
Woo! Fancy little snowball thrower.
Type Weapon (Cannon)
Damage Type Ranged
Damage 18 points (9 hearts)
Uses 10,000
Ammunition Snowballs
Obtained By Workshop Tinkerer

The Frostclaw Cannon is a low-tier cannon that is obtained by trading a Crabclaw Cannon and 12 Snowflakes with the Workshop Tinkerer in Iceika.

It deals 18 points (9 hearts) of damage, and has a whopping 10,000 uses. It's an upgraded version of the Crabclaw Cannon. The ammo used is Snowballs, so go to a Taiga Biome and take a lot if you have this weapon.

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Crabclaw Cannon




Frostclaw Cannon

known bugs:

there is an bug that is causing it to shoot cacti instead of snowballs

in that version the cannon also deals 21 damage instead of 18