Grid Evernight

The Evernight is a staff type weapon that is found in Vethea. Upon use, it fires a bouncing projectile which deals 115 Arcana damage to the enemy, but also deals 16 Arcana damage to the user. Firing this projectile will consume 200 arcana.

The Evernight is dropped as loot by Lady Luna, who is spawned using a Lunic Altar and Dream Flint. The Evernight does the most damage in the mod.


The Evernight is, much like the other Vethean weapons, almost a Vethean version of the Halite weapons in the other dimensions; upgrades of the basic weapons.

One could note that this is the symbol for the Divine RPG launcher, as is the grass block for vanilla Minecraft.

Although very strong, you need to be careful when using this weapon as it will consume your whole Arcana bar, making the Arksiane Wrathstaff a more useful weapon.

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