Ents are hostile mobs found in Vethea. They do not spawn naturally; instead, they spawn when chopping down a tree. Ents will fight with a basic melee attack. Ents are currently one of the taller non-boss mobs in DivineRPG.

They drop Dirty Pearls and have 50 HP (Heartx25).

When the Ent spawns, he will likely suffocate in the tree, so he will not bother you. Although, if the Ent is spawned in open air he is a mob to be reckoned with. On easy they do 11 damage (5.5 hearts) and on normal they can one-shot the player without armor. Ents can spawn when any type of Vethean wood is destroyed, not just the layer one dream logs, so be careful while breaking Hyrewood, Mintwood, or Firewood on floating islands as Ents can still spawn and potentially knock the player off.


  • "Ent" may come from "Ents" in the Tolkienverse [The Lord of the Rings].

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