Mob Type Hostile
Spawn Vethea Layer 3
Health Points 70 (Heartx35)
Damage Output Easy: 9 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
Normal: 17 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
Hard: 25 (Heartx12.5)
Drops Grid Polished Pearls Polished Pearls (1)

The Endiku is a large creature that roams within the third layer of Vethea.


Endiku will walk around Layer 3 of Vethea. When an Endiku spots a player, it will attack the player with a strong melee attack. However, when an Endiku goes below half health (34 health points or Heartx17) it will run away from the player and find blocks of wood such as Hyre Wood Logs to eat. When it eats a block, it will recover 8 health points (Heartx4) and keep eating until it gets killed or gets back to or above half health.


Endiku do large amounts of damage - enough to kill an unarmored player in two hits on Normal difficulty. Because they are fast and can hit the player before the player can repel them, it is recommended to fight Endiku with strong ranged weapons such as the Pardimal Disk. Keep in mind that Endiku are far more vulnerable when they are searching for trees as they will usually not go after the player while doing so, allowing the player to shoot them from behind.


When killed, Endiku drop one Polished Pearls, which can then be traded to The Hunger for items such as Dream Flint.


  • The Endiku is part of Vethea. The Endiku introduces a whole new AI and fighting style to DivineRPG.
  • Endiku will eat all kinds of wooden blocks, including vanilla logs and wooden planks.