Ender Bow
Ender Bow Big
Type Ranged Weapon
Damage Output 4 (Heartx2)
Speed 1
Consumes Grid Arrow
Stackable No (1)
Added Unknown
Special Ability None
Durability Infinite

The Ender Bow is a weak, yet infinite bow. It's crafting recipe is more complicated than other bows; with a Watching Eye replacing the far left stick, two Ender Stones replacing the other sticks and string at the usual place. The Ender Bow deals 4 points (2 hearts) of damage minimum, uses arrows as ammunition and has infinite uses.

NOTE: If you put an infinity enchantment on an ender bow with an anvil, it will still use arrows.


Ingredients Input » Output

Two Ender Stones, Three String, and One Watching Eye

GUI Crafting Table.png

Watching Eye

Ender Stone

Ender Stone




Ender Bow

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