Enchanted Warrior
2013-02-12 17.32.25
An enchanted warrior
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version
Health 430 HP (Heartx215)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output
Drops 0-2 Apalachia Souls (Common), 1 Iron Ingot (Rare)

The Enchanted Warrior is a mob that spawns in Apalachia. Due to its purple coloring, it camouflages with the environment. The Enchanted Warrior is very powerful, mainly because it only receives 40% of the damage dealt to it from the player and it has an immense amount of health. It carries an Apalachia Blade as a weapon and deals very high damage to you. These mobs, aside from the Apalachia Archer, are the main threat to the player in the Apalachia Islands because they are so common and powerful. When killed, they will drop 0-2 Apalachia Souls, which can be made into Apalachia Fragments to make the next twilight portal. Strangely, they make noises like Cadillions when attacked. Don't rush at their direction because they are really dangerous. Only attack if you know you are adequately equipped.