Egg Nog is the world's greatest alcoholic beverage! ... cough cough ... I mean, Egg Nog is a beverage-type food item obtainable via trading 1 Snowflake with the Workshop Merchant in Iceika.

However, if you are looking to progress in your DivineRPG world quickly, it is not advised to use Snowflakes on the Egg Nog. There are a good number of better food sources to be found that are easier to acquire.

Known Bugs

  • Drinking stacked Egg Nog does not yield a Bucket until the last one is consumed. As you can only trade Egg Nog in stacks, this bug becomes clear upon purchase.


  • It is unknown if you are even supposed to receive a Bucket after drinking Egg Nog in the first place. Thus, the above bug is a curious one, indeed.

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