Eden Cadillion
An Eden Cadillion.
Mob Type Neutral
Added In Version 1.0
Spawns In Eden Hills, Azurite Forests
Health 160 HP (Heartx80)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output Easy: 13 (Heartx6.5), Normal: 24 (Heartx12), Hard: Unknown
Drops Eden Soul

The Eden Cadillion is a Unicorn-like mob that spawns in the Eden Hills and Azurite Forest. They are neutral mobs which means they will not attack unless provoked. They drop Eden Souls, which can be crafted into Eden Fragments. Eden Cadillions are fairly easy to kill (they are only beaten by Bunnies) so farming them for Eden equipment is recommended.


Eden Cadillions should not be very difficult to deal with, as creating the portal to Eden Hills is more difficult. If one has managed to get to the Eden Hills, the player should have at least acquired weapons capable of dealing over 16 Melee Damage (8 Hearts). Eden Cadillions are easy to deal with - the best method to kill one is to hold your ground and time your repeated strikes carefully so you keep it out of its melee range.

Ranged Weapons are generally ineffective, due to imbalance in rate of fire and damage. However high rate of fire weapons, such as the Bowhead Anchor, are effective at killing the Cadillions.

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