Arcana Portal

How to build the Arcana Portal

The Dungeon of Arcana is a dungeon dimension. Within it, there are many mobs, most of which are dangerous. There are also some NPCs you can trade with, such as Lord Vatticus, Captain Merik, and Leorna.

Keys are dropped by Dungeon Constructors, which have 100 HP (Heart x50), and can be used to open doors in the Arcana Dungeon, which hold many secrets.

You cannot mine anything in the Arcana Dungeon except ores.

The recipe for the Arcana Portal Frame is as follows:

GUI Crafting Table.png

Iron Block

Bluefire Stone

Iron Block

Bluefire Stone

Iron Block

Arcana Portal


It is important that the portal frames be placed in a certain way. First, face westwards (check in F3). Then, step onto the tile in the middle of where you'd like your portal to be. From this tile, place all of the portal blocks, ensuring that the rightmost frame block in the west side is placed last. If done correctly, the portal will light automatically.

What to do here


A Locked Door in The Dungeon of Arcana.

  1. Kill some enemies; they drop collector fragments and you need at least 16.
  2. Find Lord Vatticus and trade some of your collectors for Charged Collectors (16 fragments to 1 Charged one).
  3. Right-click a Dramix Altar with a Charged Collector to spawn a Dungeon Constructor (You don't lose any charged collectors). Kill these to get different Keys.
  4. Unlock different doors with the Keys to get to Arcana Ore and extract the Arcaniumwith Charged Collectors.
  5. Trade Arcanium with different traders (Captain Merik will give you a Wizard's book if you give him 2).
  6. (Optional) Use a Wizard's Book on a Dramix Altar or Phoenix Altar to spawn a boss that drops Dungeon Tokens, which can be traded to Captain Merik for better items.

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