The Dreamwrecker is hostile, ranged mob that spawns in Vethea. It is one of the most dangerous mobs in DivineRPG. Although it's damage isn't very high, the Dreamwrecker has the ability to pull a player towards it if the player is within a distance from it (10 blocks). It deals 5 Points (Heartx2.5) of damage and has a health pool of 60 HP (Heartx30).


  • The Dreamwrecker appears to be 7 blocks tall; however, like the uvite archer, it has the same hitbox as the player.


  • The Dreamwrecker is part of Vethea. The Dreamwrecker introduces a whole new AI and fighting style to DivineRPG.
  • Dreamwreckers are currently the tallest non-boss mob in DivineRPG, standing at 7 blocks tall.

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