Dream Sweets
Dream Sweets
Type Food
Restores 2 (Heart)
Saturation 0.0
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 4175

Dream Sweets are a kind of healing food found in Vethea. Dream Sweets do not restore hunger when eaten - rather, they directly restore 2 points (Heart) of health. They can be considered as lesser versions of Dream Sours.


Dream Sweets can be obtained through trade with The Hunger as shown:

The Hunger Trade.png

Clean Pearls

Dream Sweets



Dream Sweets do not restore any hunger, but they restore 2 health points (Heart). They are eaten faster than normal foods. They can be used to help restore health after fighting mobs. Due to the low health value of Dream Sweets, they are not recommended for use during boss fights - instead, Dream Sours are a much better choice.

Though Dream Sours are a preferable alternative, Dream Sweets are good for players who have not gone to the top of Vethea yet.

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