Dream Cakes are a food item found in Vethea.

Dream Cake
Item Type Food
Stackable Yes (64)
Renewable Yes
Restores 8 (Full HungerFull HungerFull HungerFull Hunger)
Saturation 0.8
Data Value 4174


Dream Cakes can be obtained through trade with The Hunger as shown below:

The Hunger Trade.png

Dirty Pearls


Grid 0.png

Dream Cake



When eaten, Dream Cakes recover 8 hunger points (or Full Hungerx4) and 0.8 saturation points.

Dream Cakes are the most filling Vethean food, filling the player twice as much as a Dream Pie. It only takes three Dream Cakes to completely fill an empty hunger bar, so if the player has Dirty Pearls available, they are worth purchasing.

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