Eden Slicer
Type Ranged
Added 1.0
Damage Output HeartHeartHeartHeart
Damage Speed 1
Consumes Itself
Durability N/A
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 5502

Eden Slicers are the Throwing Weapons obtained from the crafting of Eden Gems. Eden Slicers deal 8 ranged damage each, and are consumed when thrown. They can be thrown in rapid succession if the player has many Eden Slicers, making then effective weapons for use. It is also extremely affordable, with 1 Eden Gem yielding 20 Eden Slicers, thus making it highly recommended to make upon entering Eden.


Ingredients Input » Output Product Use
Eden Gems
GUI Crafting Table.png

Dravite Gem

Dravite Slicer

20 Eden Slicer Throwing Weapon