For a similarly named Mob type, see Dramcryx.

Added 1.2.
Spawns Arcana Dungeon
Health 5000 (Heartx2500)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength Unknown
Drops 1-3 dungeon tokens, Dramix Statue (rare)
Dramix is a boss found in the Dungeon of Arcana. He is spawned on the Dramix Altar with a Wizard's Book for the price of two Arcanium by smelting the Arcana Ore in the Arcanium Extractor.

He has 5000 HP (2500 hearts) and he has the ability to go invisible and sneak-attack you. He is blue-green and 3 blocks tall. An easy way to fight him is to make a small roof 2 blocks high so he will be stuck in one spot.

Drops: Dungeon Tokens (1-3), Dramix Statue (Uncommon).

There is another altar similar to this called the Phoenix Altar, which can summon the Parasecta boss.

NOTE: You can hit him when he is invisible.

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