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Divine RPG has not been DISCONTINUED! The Wiki will soon be entering a Shutdown Mode (until the next update), meaning that editing will be impossible. Why? Because us, Admins, no longer have the time to maintain the wiki to a nice and peaceful state, and this was made for DivineRpg, but now that it's no longer updated, we can't add more information. Please try to understand us. #ForTheAdmins

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  • The Main Page Has Been Revamped
  • Twitter Feed Will Hopefully Be Fixed In The Future.
Future Updates
  • Fixing of the many bugs in the Vethea.
If you need any help at all, please contact any of these eight Admins. (* indicated = Inactive):

You can also ask the Developers of the Mod Itself!

Featured Article

The Halite Blade, The Strongest Melee Weapon Throughout Divine Rpg.

Grid Halite Blade

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Version History
Latest Version: 1.3.0_4
Upcoming Version: 1.4
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  • Due to exams, I will be on leave for a while, please report issues to Magnomizer. More info here. Yutfgh
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