This wiki focuses on Divine RPG, a mod made for Minecraft, created by Notch of Mojang Specifications.

What is Divine RPG?

Divine RPG is one of the largest mods ever created. It extends the original game-play massively. With over 75 new mobs, 7 Dimensions, and a ton of unique items and blocks, Divine RPG is always providing to Minecraft players of all tastes, whether you are a builder, a warrior, a miner, or something else.

Wiki Etiquette

All users of this wiki must comply with the rules and standards set. If you are simply here to browse and comment, please refrain from using harsh or coarse language on this wikia. If you are an editor of this wiki, it is expected that you read the Editing Handbook before you start editing pages. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning, or even a ban.

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