Demon of Darkness
Demon of Darkness
A Demon of Darkness.
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version
Spawned In Mortum
Health 900 HP (Heartx450)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 18 HP (Heartx9)
Drops 0-1 Augite Soul

The Demon of Darkness is a hostile mob found in Mortum. It is recommended that you have full enchanted gear before facing one. When killed, it will drop Mortum Souls.

The Demon of Darkness is especially tough because it ignores 40% of the damage done to it, making it's health effectively 1500 points (Heart x750).


  • As he Tramps the Boss and Dex and Sichel same arrangement of textures,it is possible using the Custom NPCs mod to make versions with other textures (Can be done only on 1.7.10,as there is with the Custom NPCs Mod connected mod More Players models 2.)

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