Datticon is a NPC trader located in the Dungeon of Arcana. Datticon trades items with the player for Arcanium.

Datticon has 1000 HP (Heartx500) like every other Npc's.


Trade Input Trade Output
1 Arcanium Arcanium Bucket
1 Arcanium 16 Arcanium Torches
5 Arcanium 8 Arcanium Rails
8 Arcanium 16 Star Bridges
3 Arcanium 16 Arcanite Tubes
2 Arcanium Molten Furnace
3 Arcanium Greenlight Furnace
4 Arcanium Oceanfire Furnace
5 Arcanium Moonlight Furnace
7 Arcanium Whitefire Furnace
9 Arcanium Demon Furnace
1 Arcanium Arcana Music Box

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