Mob Type Hostile
Spawn Vethea Layer 1
Health Points 25 (Heartx12.5)
Damage Output Easy: 5 (HeartHeartHalf Heart)
Normal: 8 (HeartHeartHeartHeart)
Hard: 12 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)
Drops 1 Grid Dirty Pearls Dirty Pearls

The Cymesoid is a hostile mob that spawns in Vethea. It's special ability is the ability to turn invisible when looked at.


The Cymesoid will fight like a normal hostile mob, walking to players and attacking them with a melee attack. However, when a player looks at a Cymesoid, it will gain the Invisibility potion effect for 10 seconds. This gives the Cymesoids the advantage.


Cymesoids can be dealt with like basic mobs, but one has to watch out for their tendency to become invisible. However, the invisibility particles still show, so the Cymesoids can be located even when invisible.


When killed, Cymesoids drop 1 Dirty Pearls which can be used as trade with The Hunger for Vethean essentials.


  • The Cymesoid is part of Vethea. The Cymesoid introduces a whole new AI and fighting style to DivineRPG.
  • Due to a bug, the Cymesoid used to be called the Tocaxin in-game.

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