Crabclaw Cannon
Crabclaw Cannon Item
Durability 1000
Tool Weapon
Stackable No

The Crabclaw Cannon is a powerful and cheap ranged weapon. It is crafted by placing two Crab Claws above an Aquatic Ingot, much like a sword. The Crabclaw Cannon deals 19 points (9.5 hearts) of damage, uses Cactus Blocks as ammunition, and has 1000 uses. This weapon has a really slow rate of fire but because it is the easiest ranged Aquatic Weapon to make (getting 1 Aquatic Ingot results in obtaining 2 Crab Claws) it is an ideal beginning weapon. It is also a good weapon for use in the Nether to protect yourself from Wildfires Early on.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Crab Claw

Crab Claw

Aquatic Ingot

Crabclaw Cannon

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