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Corrupted Shards

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Corrupted Shards
Corrupted Shard Full Size
Type Basic Material
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Added Version Unknown
Corrupted Shards are the Mob Drops that can only be obtained from killing Enthralled Dramcryxes. The main use of Corrupted Shards is the crafting of Corrupted Stones, which are then used to craft the Corrupted Tools and Weapons. Corrupted Shards are also used to craft Corrupted Bullets, which serve as ammunition for the Corrupted Cannon.   


Corrupted Shards can be obtained by doing any of the following:

  • Kill an Enthralled Dramcryx.

Killing an Enthralled Dramcryx will give the player 3-6 Corrupted Shards. This figure can rise to a maximum of 14 Corrupted Shards if the player kills it with a Looting III enchantment.

As a Crafting Ingredient

Ingredients Input » Output Product Use
Corrupted Shards
Corrupted Stone Primary Material

16 Corrupted Bullets Ammunition

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