Cave Crawler
Cave Crawler
Added Unknown
Spawns Y = 32 and lower
Health 30 HP (Heartx15)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength 7 HP (Heartx3.5)
Drops 0-2 Realmite Ingots

Arlemite (Rare) Poison Potion (Rare)

The Cave Crawler is a hostile mob which spawns in the Overworld. It spawns at level 32 and lower, regardless of light level. It drops Realmite Ingots upon its death. It can also drop Arlemite and Poision Potion  as rare drops. It has low HP and deals little damage, so it is not a threat as long as the player is wearing armor.


The Cave Crawler drops 0-2 Realmite (5-10 if you have looting on your sword) Ingots upon death. This pales in comparison to the Caveclops, which drops up to 6 Realmite Ingots upon death. Realmite Ingots are not especially useful in terms of tools or weapons as they are inferior compared to materials such as Rupee. However, if proper farming techniques are used, the Realmite Armour can be crafted early in game, which grants the player sufficient protection against all mobs in the Overworld. 

The Cave Crawler is also an unreliable source of Arlemite, which is extremely rare in the Overworld, thereby making this mob worth slaying, regardless of its low Realmite Ingot yield. Arlemite, along with Rupee, is used in the crafting of Shadow Bars, which is a key ingredient in making Hellstone Ingots, which are necessary in the making of the Mysterious Clock and The Call of the Watcher, allowing the player to get Divine Shards. This makes Arlemite extremely valuable, as it is needed be able to enter the Dravite Hills.

Spawning Cave Crawlers and Farming Technique

Realmite Farming:

  • It is not recommended to farm Realmite from Cave Crawlers. However, it is still a viable method. You can find out more about Realmite Farming Techniques from this page.

Arlemite Farming:

  • Killing Cave Crawlers is an unreliable source of Arlemite. However, Cave Crawlers do drop Arlemite on death, and this classifies them as a source of Arlemite. You can find out more about Arlemite Farming Techniques from this page .

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