A Dravite Cadillion.
Mob Type Varies
Added In Version
Spawns In All Twilight Dimensions
Health 160 HP (Heartx80), up to 800 HP (Heartx400) in other Dimensions.
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 24 Points(Heartx12) up to 39 Points (Heartx19.5) in other Dimensions.
Drops Dimension Souls. (Augite Cadillion Drops Augite Souls, etc.)

A Cadillion is a unicorn-like mob that appears in all five Twilight Dimensions. In the first three dimensions, they are neutral and will not attack unless provoked, however the Augite Cadillion is automatically aggressive. They have a high spawn rate and will appear very commonly in all the Twilight Dimensions. These are accepted by some people to be the easiest way to obtain the souls of that dimension.


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