Tool Block (Ammo)
Stackable 64

Cactus Blocks are blocks found within Vanilla Minecraft. These blocks spawn predominantly in the desert biome. When a mob comes into contact with this block, they take half a heart of damage for every half a second in contact with said block. Cacti will destroy any items that come into contact with them, including harvested cacti blocks.

Harvesting Cacti

The block can be harvested easily:

  1. Mine the block underneath so that the cactus breaks. This can be done by hand, as long as the player does not come in contact with the cactus.
  2. Placing a block next to the cactus, causing the cactus to break.

Growing Cacti

Cacti can only grow on sand and to a maximum height of 3 blocks. However, they can be made into higher stacks when placed by the player. Cacti can only be placed on sand or on other cacti blocks, provided there are no adjacent blocks. Cacti can be grown at any light level, and are non-flammable.

Vanilla Usage

Cacti can be put into a Furnace, creating cactus green (green dye).




Cactus Green

DivineRPG Usage

Cactus Blocks are used as ammunition for some cannons, like the bowhead cannon and the crabclaw cannon.

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