Bosses are an integral part of the Divine RPG. Every boss is extremely strong and each of the Twilight Dimensions has at least one boss. The Divine RPG Mod adds 22 (or more) new bosses to the game. Every boss killed will help you progress further in the game. Note: Dex & Zichile will be removed in the 1.4 Update. 

Nether Bosses

End Bosses

Overworld Bosses

  • Ancient Entity
  • Wither (links to Minecraft wiki page, nothing is changed about the Wither, nor do any mobs accompany him)

Vethea Bosses

Augite Depths

All of these bosses can be spawned only in Augite Depths.

Dungeon Of Arcana

These Bosses only spawn in the Dungeon Of Arcana.

Spawning Techniques


All the bosses are deliberately difficult to kill. It is recommended to have a strong, enchanted set of Armor and Weapons. Every Divine RPG Boss drops a Statue of themselves as an uncommon drop.


This is a list of bosses in order of difficulty. You probably want to fight them in this order, but some players fight harder bosses earlier as they drop better loot, so the other boss fights will be easier. There may be significant difficulty gaps between bosses next to each other on the list.  This list does not contain the vanilla bosses.

  1. Ancient Entity
  2. The Watcher
  3. Soul Fiend
  4. Twilight Demon
  5. Densos & Reyvor
  6. Kar-OT
  7. Quadro
  8. The Hive Queen
  9. Wreck
  10. King of Scorchers
  11. Lady Luna
  12. Spinarus


  • King of ScorchersGo to
  • The WatcherGo to
  • Nethengic WitherGo to
  • The Yellow AyeracoGo to
  • The Green AyeracoGo to
  • The Red AyeracoGo to
  • The Blue AyeracoGo to
  • The Ender DragonGo to
  • Ancient EntityGo to
  • WitherGo to Links To Minecraft Wiki.
  • SpinarusGo to
  • The Hive QueenGo to The Hive Queen
  • QuadroGo to Quadro
  • Lady Luna RangedGo to Lady Luna
  • Lady Luna MeleeGo to Lady Luna
  • Lady Luna ArcanicGo to Lady Luna
  • Wreck First StageGo to Wreck
  • Wreck Second StageGo to Wreck
  • Wreck Third StageGo to Wreck
  • Image Currently Not HereGo to Dr. Karos
  • Raglock Gog'dureGo to Raglok Gog'dure
  • Densos & ReyvorGo to Densos & Reyvor
  • Kar-OTGo to Kar-OT
  • VamacheronGo to Vamacheron
  • Image Currently Not HereGo to Dex & Zichile
  • Twilight DemonGo to Twilight Demon
  • Soul FiendGo to Soul Fiend
  • ParasectaGo to Parasecta
  • DramixGo to Dramix

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