BloodGem Ore
Bloodgem Ore Full Size
The BloodGem's Texture.
Type Block (Ore)
Stackable? Yes (64)
Found In The Nether
Dropped By None

Bloodgem ore is a semi-rare ore found in The Nether. It is one of only two ores that can be found in the Nether, the other being Netherite Ore.

When mined, Bloodgem Ores drop a Bloodgem, saving you a trip to a furnace. As such they are automatically ready to be crafted into items. If mined with Silk Touch, it will drop the block, which can be smelted.


Bloodgem Ore



Bloodgem Ore is now affected by the Fortune Enchantment.

The ore itself is not used in any recipes, but all recipes using Bloodgems are listed on this page.

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