The Backsword Template is used in Vethea at Infusion Tables to make Backswords, a type of Vethean melee weapon.

Backsword Template
Item Type Template
Data Value 4180


To obtain a Backsword Template, the player must trade with The Hunger for three Dirty Pearls, making the templates themselves really cheap.


To use a Backsword Template, first get Lumps. They come from a variety of sources, such as NPCs around Vethea or bosses. Bosses drop stronger Lumps that make stronger Backswords.

Then, find an Infusion Table. Find the amount of Lumps you need from the list below and insert them into the table like in the graphic below. Then, you will receive your Backsword.


All recipes are made in the Infusion Table. The Lumps are on the top left, the template on the bottom left, and the product is in the right box.

Teaker Backsword: 4 Teaker Lumps + Backsword Template

Amthirmis BackSword: 5 Amthirmis Lumps + Backsword Template

Darven Backsword: 6 Darven Lumps + Backsword Template

Cermile Backsword: 8 Cermile Lumps + Backsword Template

Pardimal WarSword: (Note: Backswords from this tier upwards are referred to as WarSwords.) 11 Pardimal Lumps + Backsword Template

Quadrotic WarSword: 13 Quadrotic Lumps + Backsword Template

Karos WarSword: 18 Karos Lumps + Backsword Template

Heliosis WrathSword: (Note: WarSwords from this tier upwards are referred to as WrathSwords.)

20 Heliosis Lumps + Backsword Template

Arksiane WrathSword: 24 Arksiane Lumps + Backsword Template

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