Azurite Phaser
Azurite Phaser Full Size
Type Ranged Weapon (Phaser)
Damage Output 30 (Heart x15)
Consumes Nothing
Durability 3000
Speed Slow
Special None
Stackable No (1)
Added Version 1.0
The Azurite Phaser is the phaser obtained from the crafting of 4 Azurite Chunks and 1 Stick. It is a powerful ranged weapon for its calibre, dealing 30 ranged damage. It does not use ammunition and has 3000 uses. It is a relatively effective weapon for its cost. The phaser is comparable to the Queen of Ice, having a slower rate of fire, more durability and slightly higher damage. It is highly recommended to obtain this weapon. 


Ingredients Input » Output
Azurite Chunks
GUI Crafting Table.png

Azurite Chunk

Azurite Chunk

Azurite Chunk


Azurite Chunk

Azurite Phaser

Combat Application and Uses

The Azurite phaser has a low rate of fire, so it is generally used as a one-shot damaging weapon. It has high damage and 3000 uses, making it a useful and powerful weapon. The best use of this weapon is to 'snipe' enemies at a distance.

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