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Augite Fragments
Augite Fragments Full Size
Type Primary Material
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Added Version 1.0
Augite Fragments are the Primary Materials obtained from mining or smelting Augite Ore. Augite Fragments can also be obtained from the crafting of Augite Souls. The main use of Augite Fragments is to craft Augite Blocks, which are used to make the portal frame to the Vethea. Also, Augite Fragments can be used to craft many other blocks and items, many of which are simply decorative, but some are more useful, such as the Augite Gem.


Ingredients Input » Output
Augite Soul


As a Product:

Ingredients Input » Output Product
Augite Ore Augite Fragments

As a Crafting Ingredient

Augite Fragments Only

Ingredients Input » Output Product Use
Augite Fragments
Augite Dust Ammunition

Augite Gem Secondary Material

Augite Block Portal Frame


Ingredients Input » Output Product Use
Augite Fragments, Sticks, Feathers
Fury Arrows Ammunition


Ingredients Input » Output Product Use
Augite Fragments, Glowstone Dust
Dream Powder Lighting Portals 

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