Armor is the equipment worn that reduces damage in general, may it be from an enemy attack, or from fall damage. There are many different types of Armor varying in strength and abilities in Divine RPG. Armor is essential if the player wants to progress through the mod.

Armor can be classified into 2 groups; Armor and Costumes.

Armor provides constant protection, and can be crafted in most cases. Armor is generally very tedious to obtain as it requires a lot of resources. Take Eden Armor for example. It requires a total of 546 Eden Fragments. Most Armors will grant the player with special abilties if he/she is wearing a full set of armor. These are called Full Set Bonuses. Some bonuses are more useful than others.

Costumes on the otherhand, provide no protection whatsoever. They cannot be crafted and must be traded with certain NPC's. However, wearing a full set grants the player with useful buffs that can be advantageous to a player's survival. For example, the Skeleman Costume grants the player infinite saturation (full hunger bar). However, some Costumes need to be within certain parameters to function. An example of this would be the Santa Costume, which only functions if the player is in the Iceika Dimension.

Below are a list of the armors obtainable in the game:

Overworld Armors

Kraken Armor Full Size
Realmite Armor Full Size
Elite Realmite Armor Full Size
Arlemite Armor Full Size
Kraken Armor Realmite Armor Elite Realmite Armor Arlemite Armor
Rupee Armor 140px
Aquastrive Armor Full Size
Shadow Armor Full Size
Bedrock Armor Full Size
Rupee Armor Aquastrive Armor Shadow Armor Bedrock Armor

Nether Armors

Netherite Armor Full Size
Inferno Armor Full Size
Netherite Armor Inferno Armor

The End Armors

Ender Armor 140px
Ender Armor

Twilight Dimension Armors

Dravite Armor Full Size
Uvite Armor Full Size
Mythril Armor Full Size
Eden Armor Apalachia Armor Skythern Armor
Mortum Armor Full Size
Halite Armor Full Size
Mortum Armor Halite Armor

Dungeon of Arcana Armors

Korma Armor Full Size
Vemos Armor Full Size
Korma Armor Vemos Armor


Jack-O-Man Costume Full Size
Skeleman Costume Full Size
Wither Reaper Costume Full Size
Santa Costume Full Size
Jack-O-Man Costume Skeleman Costume Wither Reaper Costume Santa Costume

Special Armors

Angelic Armor Full Size
Divine Armor Full Size
Angelic Armor Divine Armor

Vethean Armors

Degraded Armor 140px
Finished Armor 140px
Glistening Armor 140px
Degraded Armor Finished Armor Glistening Armor
Demonized Armor 140px
Tormented Armor 140px
Demonized Armor Tormented Armor

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