The Arlemite Shovel is made by placing one Arlemite Ingots above two sticks in the middle coluimn, similar to other shovels. It has less efficiency to that of the Rupee Shovel but more durability. It can be used for digging, but another use for it is to make the Arlemite Shickaxe.

Efficiency: 13.0

Durability: 3000 Uses


GUI Crafting Table.png

Arlemite Ingot



Arlemite Shovel

GUI Crafting Table.png

Arlemite Shovel

Arlemite Axe

Arlemite Pickaxe

Arlemite Hoe

Arlemite Shickaxe


On the NEI menu, the Arlemite shovel will appear to have -1 uses.

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