Arlemite Shickaxe
Added Unknown
Durability 12000
Tool Multi-Tool
Stackable 1
Data Value 5343

An Arlemite Shickaxe is similar to a Rupee Shickaxe but instead of Rupee tools it uses Arlemite ones. It is 13.0 efficiency, 3.0 points less than a Rupee Shickaxe, and has 12000 uses. It is crafted in a square with an Arlemite Hoe, Arlemite Pickaxe, Arlemite Axe, and an Arlemite Shovel. The recipe is shapeless. Despite Arlemite Ore being harder to obtain than Rupee Ore, the arlemite shickaxe is less powerful and so it is strongly recommended that you don't make this tool (unless you have too much arlemite to know what to do with).


GUI Crafting Table.png

Arlemite Shovel

Arlemite Axe

Arlemite Pickaxe

Arlemite Hoe

Arlemite Shickaxe

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