The Arksiane WrathSword is a melee weapon found in Vethea. It is named after the Vethean god Arksiane, and is created by infusing a Backsword Template with 24 Arksiane Lumps. It does the most damage out of all Vethean backswords, though it is not the strongest Vethean melee weapon (that honor belongs to the Everlight).

Arksiane Backsword
Arksiane Backsword
Type Weapon
Category Melee
Damage Output 37 (Heartx18.5)
Durability Infinite
Data Value 4217


To obtain an Arksiane WrathSword, the player must find an Infusion Table and then infuse a Backsword Template with 24 Arksiane Lumps.

The template can be purchased from The Hunger for three Dirty Pearls, but the Arksiane Lumps are much harder to get as they require the player to kill Wreck, one of the hardest Vethean bosses. What's more, since Wreck only drops 25 Arksiane Lumps (and the backsword costs 24), the player will only have one Arksiane Lump left, which is useless on its own (besides as a trophy) - which means that the player will have to kill Wreck again to get more Arksiane weapons.


The Arksiane Backsword is one of the strongest melee weapons in Vethea, dealing 37 melee damage in one hit. As such, it can easily be used to farm Acid Hags for their Acid (which can then be used as Cannon fuel) or simply farm mobs for pearls. It is also a good weapon to farm some of the easier bosses of Vethea, such as Dr. Karos.

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Arksiane Lump


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Arksiane Backsword