Arcanite Dirt
Arcanite Dirt
Block Type Utility
Tool Shovel
Data Value 589

Arcanite Dirt is a utility block from the Dungeon of Arcana. Using the Staff of Enrichment, it can be converted into Arcanite Grass to plant Arcana plants.


Arcanite Dirt does not occur naturally. It can be obtained by trading with Leorna for Arcanium (2 Arcanium for 9 Arcanite Dirt).


The most important use of Arcanite Dirt is as fodder for the Staff of Enrichment. When the Staff of Enrichment is used on a block of Arcanite Dirt, it turns into Arcanite Grass, which is necessary for Leorna's Arcana plants to grow.

Arcanite Dirt can be used for decorative purposes as a neon blue version of normal Dirt.

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