Arcana is a new system that was added in the 1.2 update, along with the Dungeon Of Arcana. Arcana massively expands aspects of gameplay within DivineRPG as it is the basis of a magic/mana system. Arcana can be located on the bottom right of a players screen just above the food bar. Arcana is a blue bar with a wavy pattern. When items that consume Arcana are used, the Arcana will be drained. The value of a full Arcana bar is 200, which means that each blue orb is equivalent to 20 Arcana.

After being fully depleted, Arcana will wait for 2 seconds before regenerating. A full regeneration takes 10 seconds to fully regenerate, meaning it regenerates at a speed of 20/second. The animation for Arcana is a slow smooth regeneration, however when it is used it is instantly changed.

In order to use Arcana, an item that consumes Arcana must be used. When a player first plays, the bar will always appear full. However, the minute a player uses an Arcana draining item, it will begin to work.

Arcana is not shared between people. Meaning, if two people are fighting each other with Arcana weapons, they will each have their own separate bar. All non-Vethean Arcana items are bought from Captain Merik.

List of weapons that use Arcana:

Storm Sword
Grid Storm Sword

Arcanium Reflector
Grid Arcanium Reflector

Ender Scepter
Grid Ender Scepter

Grid Ghostbane

Grid Firefly

Shadow Saber
Grid Shadow Saber

Grid Starlight

Arcanium Saber
Grid Arcanium Saber

Staff of Starlight
Grid Staff Of Starlight

Captain's Sparkler
Grid Captains Sparkler

Merik's Missile 

La Vekor
Grid La Vekor

Livicia Sword
Grid Livicia Sword

Teaker Staff
Grid Teaker Staff

Amthirmis Staff
Grid Amthirmis Staff

Darven Staff
Grid Darven Staff

Cermile Staff
Grid Cermile Staff

Pardimal WarStaff
Grid Pardimal WarStaff

Quadrotic WarStaff
Grid Quadrotic WarStaff

Karos WarStaff
Grid Karos WarStaff

Heliosis WrathStaff
Grid Heliosis WrathStaff

Arksiane WrathStaff
Grid Arksiane WrathStaff

Grid Evernight

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