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The basis of all Aquatic Weapons, the Aquatic Ingot

The Aquatic Weapons are a series of melee and projectile weapons constructed from various ocean mob drops. The Aquatic Weapons are outside of the normal progression of elemental weapons, and can all be obtained in the overworld.

Aquatic Melee Weapons

Aquatic Projectile Weapons


Aquatic Weapons [Swords]
Grid Ocean Knife
The Aquatic Weapons
Aquatic Dagger Damage: 8 (Heartx4)

Durability: 10,000

Aquatic Trident Damage: 15(Heartx7.5)

Durability: 7000

Aquaton Damage: 18(Heartx9)

Durability: 10,000

Aquatic Maul Damage:22(Heartx11) Durability:10,000
Ocean Knife Damage: 14(Heartx7)

Durability: 2,000

Shark Sword Damage: 11(Heartx5.5)

Durability: 2000

Aquatic Series [Others]
Grid Crabclaw Cannon
Aquatic Series [Others]
Bowhead Cannon Damage: 19(Heartx9.5)

Durability: 2000 Ammunition: Cactus Block

Crabclaw Cannon Damage: 19(Heartx9.5)

Durability: 2000 Ammunition: Cactus Block

Shark Anchor Damage: 5(Heartx2.5)

Durability: Infinite Ammunition: Nothing

Bowhead Anchor Damage: 6 (Heartx3)

Durability: Infinite Ammunition: Nothing

Claw Anchor Damage: 4 (Heartx2)

Durability: Infinite Ammunition: Nothing

Crabclaw Maul Damage: 6 (Heartx3)

Durability: 4000 [8000?-2000?]

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