The Aquatic Series is a weapon/material series that is based on aquatic items. Most of the materials for the Aquatic Series weapons can be attained by killing Crabs, Sharks, Whales and other aquatic life. Everything in the Aquatic Series can be attained in the Vanilla realm, though the downside to this convenience is that the Aquatic series is weaker than the other DivineRPG sets. This set is mainly gathered for decor, or for killing Overworld mobs.

Special Mobs

King crab

A King Crab on a Beach.

The Aquatic series brought what can be called a mini-boss. The standard Crab has a larger, more powerful cousin: the King Crab. The King Crab is a rather tough-to-fight opponent, having a larger HP bar than a Crab, and a little more damage. King Crabs are the only mob to (uncommonly) drop Aquatic Pellets.

There are also other mobs: the Shark and the Whale. These drop their respective fins, which can be used to craft items such as the Shark Sword and Bowhead Anchor.

Aquatic Materials

The Aquatic series has its own collection of materials, which are used to make Aquatic weapons. The materials are found by killing the Aquatic series mobs.

The basis for all Aquatic weapons is the Aquatic Ingot, which is crafted using Aquatic Pellets. These semi-rare ingots are used in all weapons.

Aquatic Mobs

The Aquatic series' mobs are all found in the Ocean/Beach biomes. Crabs and the King Crab can be found in any Beach biome, while Sharks and Whales are found in the ocean, with Sharks being further out and scattered about, while Whales are not far off coasts/shores.

Aquatic Weapons

The most abundant category for the Aquatic Series is the weapon category. The Aquatic Series adds three Anchors, two Cannons, three Mauls, a Trident and four Swords.

Aquatic Melee Weapons

Aquatic Projectile Weapons