150px-Аликанто (Divine RPG)
Mob Type Hostile (flying)
Added In Version 1.2
Health 100 HP (Heartx50)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 12 damage (Heartx6)
Drops 0-3 Frozen Shards
Spawns in Iceika

The Alicanto is a flying mob that will swarm the player. The Alicanto is the least dangerous mob in Iceika.


  • The Alicanto received a model upgrade in V.1.2.5 of DivineRPG during the second part of the Evolution of Mobs.
  • The AI on an Alicanto is based off the bat AI from Vanilla Minecraft, however it is modified to become aggressive.
  • Upon being hit, it emits sounds that are suspiciously similar to those of the Wall of Flesh boss from the game Terraria.