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The Acid Hag is one of the weaker mobs that spawn within Vethea.

Acid Hag
Mob Type Hostile
Spawn Vethea Layer 1
Damage Output Easy: 3 HeartHalf Heart
Normal: 5 HeartHeartHalf Heart
Hard: 7 HeartHeartHeartHalf Heart
Acid damage: 3 HeartHalf Heart
Drops 1 Dirty Pearls
1-4 Acid


The Acid Hag will walk around and leave a temporary trail of acid behind it. Stepping in the acid causes the player to take 3 points of damage. Acid Hags are quite fast, so you must sprint to outrun them. They are weaker compared to other mobs, but can pose a challenge for players just entering Vethea.


Melee combat may be hard without a strong melee weapon (such as the Pardimal Backsword) because the acid lets the Acid Hag hurt you before you touch it. Using a ranged weapon is recommended.


When killed, Acid Hags drop 1 Dirty Pearls, which is used as currency for trading with The Hunger. Acid Hags also drop 1-4 Acid which is used as ammunition for Vethean cannons (e.g. Teaker Cannon) or as fuel for Dream Lamps.

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