This is a list of achievements that can be obtained as of the 1.2.8 update. The method of unlocking the achievement will not be posted.

List of achievements

Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different)
An Eye of Evil Look into the eye of The Eye Get the blindness effect by The Eye.
A Meal to Remember Eat a Chicken Dinner Consume a Stuffed Chicken Dinner.
Triple The Danger Kill an Ender Triplet Enter the End and kill an Ender Triplet (impossible to do due to a bug that crashes the game when you do so. In fact, the achievement itself is what causes the crash).
Feeding On the Fish Kill a Shark Kill a Shark.
Halloween Spirit Trade with a Jack-O-Man Trade with a Jack-O-Man.
When Pigs Fly Create/Wear full Angelic Armor Wear the Angelic Armor set.
Divine Intervention Spawn The Watcher Spawn The Watcher using the Call of the Watcher .
A Divine Plan Craft the Divine Sword Get the Divine Sword by killing the Ancient Entity.
Perfectly Corrupted Use the Altar of Corruption Successfully enchant a weapon or piece of armor using the Altar of Corruption.
Off Key Shoot the Sound of Music Craft and use the Sound of Music.
The Frozen Land Enter the Iceika Dimension Go in the Iceika Dimension through the Iceika portal.
Frozen Goods Destroy a frozen chest Enter Iceika and destroy a Frozen Chest in a dungeon.
A Lil' Gift Trade with a Workshop Merchant Enter Iceika and trade Snowflakes with the Workshop Merchant.
A Lil' Tinkerin' Trade with a Workshop Tinkerer Enter Iceika and trade Snowflakes with the Workshop Tinkerer.
1001 Possibilities Create a Dravite Portal Enter the Dravite Hills.
Friend or Foe Turn a bunny into an Angry Bunny. Enter the Dravite Hills and hit a Bunny to turn it into an Angry Bunny.
Arrow to the Knee Get shot by a Twilight Archer. Enter one of the higher Twilight Dimensions and get shot by a Twilight Archer.
What Lies Within Enter the Dungeon of Arcana Enter the Dungeon of Arcana.
My Little Creature Buy a pet from Zelus Enter the Dungeon of Arcana and buy a pet from Zelus.
Yuk! Drink Arcana Potion Drink an Arcana Potion.
Hotter than Hell Touch a heat trap Touch a Heat Trap.
Enrichment Use a Staff of Enrichment on Arcanized Dirt Use a Staff of Enrichment on Arcanized Dirt.
The Dungeon Master Spawn Dramix Spawn Dramix in the Dungeon of Arcana.
Evil Disease Spawn Parasecta Spawn Parasecta in the Dungeon of Arcana.
Total Demonization Buy the Demon Furnace Go to the Dungeon of Arcana and buy a Demon Furnace.
Dark Another Day Enter the Augite Dimension Enter the Augite Depths.
Ten Heads Are Better than One Spawn Densos and Reyvor Spawn Densos & Reyvor with the Reyvor Crystal.
Sky High Jump on Elevantium Jump on Elevantium.

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